Cultivating Compassion In the Midst of a Broken Society — Thanissara

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War where Israel fought for its ability and right to exist as a nation. On the other side from al-Nakba, (the Day of Catastrophe marking the Palestinian experience of a devastating loss of their homelands in 1948), leading onto the occupation (of the West Bank and […]

via Cultivating Compassion In the Midst of a Broken Society — Thanissara


One thought on “Cultivating Compassion In the Midst of a Broken Society — Thanissara

  1. I just now finished reading Aviv Tartasky’s thoughtful reflection, and I am deeply moved by his wise understanding of the Dharma and of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Aviv is courageous in his speaking out about the harm that can result from inaction and silence and how the Dharma, when integrated fully into our lives, is a guide for engaging with rather than avoiding what contributes to the suffering of so many people—those living in the Palestinian Territories, as well as those living in Israel. Perhaps Aviv’s speaking up will encourage others (even give perceived permission) to investigate, speak up about, and take direct action to end harmful actions and/or inactions. What happens in this part of the world—the home of all Abrahamic religions—is far-reaching and affects people in all parts of the world. Practitioners of the Dharma in Israel, as well as in other parts of the world (such as the US), have much to offer in engaging with others in efforts to bring a just peace to Israel-Palestine.

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